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Raleigh, NC

Game restorations

super Rad - where quality games are our priority

All of our games undergo extensive restoration, testing and certification prior to hitting the arcade floor

Did you know every single game we go through goes through a full restoration process, including ensuring every aspect of the game, including the arcade cabinet itself, the wiring, monitor and original board hardware are all fully clean, functional, in good shape and working as perfect as possible?

We don’t just want any playable game – we want the BEST games we can manage to get in the arcade. We want you to experience what these games would have been like the day they were released.  We take all of our arcade games fully apart, clean, fix, repair and replace as we slowly put it back together to make it as good as new.  We install new LED lights, clean the marquees, new T molding, new control panel overlays, clean every button, restore the coin door, have the monitor chassis professionally rebuilt, and rebuild boards and power supplies as needed.  We repair any damaged wood on the cabinet, sand, bondo, repair more, sand, bondo and sand more until we are dead tired of it but the game is solid and flat- then laminate or paint, and apply new artwork to make it shine again.

And its not just our arcades that get a full makeover.

Our pinball games undergo a full topside tear down to ensure every part of the game works correctly, is clean, polished and bright. We update all DMD era pinball games to have a new LED kit, new rubbers, new pinballs, and fully polished plastics.  They all get flipper rebuilds, new coil sleeves through the whole game, and a thorough testing by multiple techs and players to ensure we get everything up to date.  The legs are polished or painted, and the cabinet gets new art installed if necessary.

Basically – we aren’t just throwing games on the arcade floor and saying have it. We want you to experience quality.

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